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    Jack Davis, 1955

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    "The Suicide" by Dave Herring, from Bijou Funnies #1, published by The Bijou Publishing Empire, 1968.

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    Original drawing by Charles M. Schulz for Donna Johnson, also known as “The Little Red-Haired Girl”, 1950.
    Charles M. Schulz Manuscript Collection, Santa Rosa, CA.

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    Superman by Alex Ross

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    dogs aren’t too complicated but they think they are comics

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    Therapy by Edward Cheverton. 32 pages on various stock, hand bound.

    Drawing as a form of escapism from stress, anxiety and depression.

    This will be available at Pick Me Up next month, there’s also be a few copies at Press Up Oxford http://www.pressupoxford.tumblr.com/ and then in ELCAF In June.

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    Weirdo Comics #17

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    “No Way Out” by R. Crumb. From The R. Crumb Handbook by Peter Poplaski, published by MQP Publications. 

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    "3 g Salvia Divinorium dried leaf chewed 1 hour 30 min in tank" drawn by Molly Colleen O’Connell, based on an excerpt from Twig Harper’s Salvia Journals<br>

    more writings from Twig Harper’s Salvia experiences can be found here:

    http://sagedivinations.tumblr.com/ <br>

    this comic was featured in Acres issue 2, more info found here :


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    Matt Baker for St. John comics.

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    I spent a good chunk of my weekend scrambling to finish this comic. I hope you like it. I was really trying to push myself with the colours.


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    Christophe Blain, Isaac Le Pirate: Les Amériques

  14. earsplittingtrumpet:

    Christophe Blain, Isaac Le Pirate: Les Amériques

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    The wall has a yellow shelf cuz yellow is the best even if it’s greenish yellow it is still yellow enough for me

    š! issues on the shelves of Bergen Street Comics in Brooklyn!