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    Jake Terrell

    made for comicsworkbook

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    Check it out:

    • Jill and Daisy can be lesbians.
    • Jill and Daisy can be straight. Or bi. Or asexual or literally anything else.
    • Jill and Daisy can be POC.
    • Or Jill and Daisy can be white.
    • Jill and Daisy don’t even have to be American.
    • But Jill and Daisy can be American.
    • Jill and Daisy can be in modern times.
    • Jill and Daisy can be in the 1940s.
    • Jill and Daisy can be in any era.
    • Jill and Daisy solve mysteries.
    • Jill and Daisy fight crime.
    • Jill and Daisy are scientists!
    • Daisy technically can be any gender.
    • Jill has to self-identify as a woman, but she doesn’t have to be cis. This is the closest thing to a restriction we have on the character.

    It’s up to you! Writers & artists, please do your thing.

    We’ll select five artists and four writers to make a comic book starring Jill Trent, Science Sleuth, and her faithful life partner, Daisy Smythe!

    Five stories! Five creative teams! One main character! One comic book!

    Let’s do it!


    Deadline is August 1, 2014!

    Countdown: 9 days to submission deadline!

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    And if you bring it to San Diego, i’ll sign the shit out of it. 

    just signed all the limited edition plates for random house, so those are done.



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    The normal adventures of Quicksilver

    Avengers #18 - “When The Commissar Commands!”
    written by Stan Lee
    art by Don Heck & Dick Ayers

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    The Writers’ Retreat, Incidental Comics

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    1982 - Conan by Barry Windsor-Smith