1. altcomix:

    Basil Wolverton’s Powerhouse Pepper, from the Fantagraphics collection published in 1994.

    Originally drawn in the 1940’s, this stuff is super bizarre, and it’s hard to imagine who he was writing it for.  It’s almost as hard to imagine a company publishing it, but you have to assume the editors simply didn’t care, since it was for kids.  Think of the images of golden age comics and try to fit this in with them.  It doesn’t.  

    Great stuff.

  2. mutantfunnies:

    Corn Flakes by Lale Westvind, from Mutant #4

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  8. emilybuckwheat:

    Latest Drawing Club creation. Tryna get used to conceiving/sketching/completing a thing every meeting. Not perfect, just practice. A wise person named Penina once said, “just make a thing.”

  9. dwingcomics:

    D.Wing - Pennies For Dad

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  10. antipahtico:

    Denis Sire

  11. publiccollectors:

    Primitive Cretin #1, by Henriette Valium, published by Fantagraphics Books, Seattle, WA, 1996. More from this book here.

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  12. jgillustration:

    I’m happy to finally reveal the cover to Fight Frogs doods! This cover’s gonna be a 3 color screen print!

    There’s only about 5 hours left to get your pledges in on the Kickstarter page! It’s only about $150 away from meeting it’s second stretch goal too!!

    Click here to pledge!

  13. pqfigurine:

    Basil Wolverton

  14. pqfigurine:

    Basil Wolverton

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