1. earsplittingtrumpet:


    Squeak the Mouse by Mattioli.

    this is my favorite comic ever (this is only the first chapter, it gets better and better)

  2. pixoholic:

    Hold Softly, Hand of Death! by Gerry Conway and Alex Toth.

    via Joe Ackerman.

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  3. comicsworkbook:

    Charles Burns on the right

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  5. 9emeart:

    Gaston commence la semaine


  6. 9emeart:

    Le marsupilami descend sur la ville, 1955

    Franquin et Will

  7. study-group:

    Take a moment to read the whole of Julia Gfrörer's BLACK IS THE COLOR, now that it's finished in today's triple sized update!

    (via Study Group Comic Books » Black Is the Color – by Julia Gfrörer)

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  9. planetoidsfun:

    À la Caniff!

    I’m going to do this for the next two weeks or so.

    10 strips, 30 panels.

  10. inkydavid:

    "Guest Monster: The Smoker!!" by Alex Toth (1989)

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  11. 9emeart:

    Le Jeune Albert lutte contre le froid

    Yves Chaland

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  15. earsplittingtrumpet:

    from Mezzo and Pirus’s Les Desarmés