1. comicbookcovers:

    Happy Easter!

    The Unexpected #202, September 1980, cover by Luis Dominguez

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  2. lifeascomics:

    Bravo Alex TOTH!!

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  5. 9emeart:


    Dessin : Jose Muñoz  - Scenario : Carlos Sampayo

  6. rowantedge:

    Rowan Tedge - “Spectrum Jogger”

    Made for the Comics Workbook Composition Competition 2014

    - Please click or tap the comic to view it at a larger size. Thanks.

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  10. thebristolboard:

    Forgotten masterpiece: “The Light in the Distance” by Jack Jackson (Jaxon) from Up From the Deep #1, published by Rip Off Press, 1971.  

  12. tannhausergatorade:

    PHOBIA, by David Mazzucchelli (Snake Eyes #3, 1993)

  13. altcomix:

    Basil Wolverton’s Powerhouse Pepper, from the Fantagraphics collection published in 1994.

    Originally drawn in the 1940’s, this stuff is super bizarre, and it’s hard to imagine who he was writing it for.  It’s almost as hard to imagine a company publishing it, but you have to assume the editors simply didn’t care, since it was for kids.  Think of the images of golden age comics and try to fit this in with them.  It doesn’t.  

    Great stuff.

  14. mutantfunnies:

    Corn Flakes by Lale Westvind, from Mutant #4