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    From The Archives: Hell Hath No Fury, created for the “Hell” themed issue of Rabid Rabbit many moons ago. If you get past the fumbling, heavy-handed script I think I’m trying to say something here.

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    Loud Comix #2
    Almost Normal Comics!
    Loud Comix #2Loud Comix #2 is a digest size, 36-page B&W comic illustrated by Jamie Vayda with stories from Christian Maes, Eric Todd, Darin Martinez, Erika Lane, Sal Canzonieri, Alan King, and front cover designed by Magnus Sellergren. Published by Birdcage Bottom Books.

    This issue of Loud Comix features Darin Martinez’s Rest Stop of the Dead, a short tale of woe that befalls some unsuspecting travelers with full bladders that make the mistake of using a toilet contaminated with zombifying chemicals.  In Erika Lane’s story Lester the Porn Fairy we’re treated to an inside look at the inner workings of the fairy realm and finally learn where all those discarded porn mags you find in the woods actually come from.  Christian Maes brings us Captain Castastrophy to the Moon, a rocketing adventure set out here in the Arizona desert outside of Tucson and guest staring the local obscure stuff curator of Betty Blue’s Junk Shop!  Then Sal Canzonieri delivers the electrifying Electric Frankenstein EF Theme that gives us readers the secrets to Electric Frankenstein’s creation.  Eric Todd closes the show at The Apollo with Eric Todd at The Apollo.  And Alan King brings this issue to an end with The Conclusion of Wooden Leg, revealing the family secret of what really happened to his uncle’s long lost leg!   

    All of the stories in Loud Comix #2 make for a groovy read.  The fact that all the contributors are somehow connected to the music scene makes me dig Loud Comix even more!  Jamie Vayda’s caricatural art packed with expressive detail doesn’t hurt anything either!  And that along with the hand lettering really makes each story in this issue rock!

    If You Got Gooood Taste crank up the volume and plug into Loud Comix at Birdcage Bottom Books

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    Pugzingrrr 00d

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    Three more contributing artists!

    Kelly Kwang

    Chandler Moses

    Lily Padula

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    Batman Day isn’t a celebration for everyone.

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    Am I the bug or the flower tho?

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    Page 4 ! Sorry for not posting for a while, but here is this now

    Dead Rat tries to update every Wednesday!

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    Part II in the ongoing Stumpy saga. Enter the world of Hal Mundane

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