1. theblackestofsuns:


    This appears to be the back of a hand written note that the great Alex Toth sent to Michael Avon Oeming, which was then reprinted in the back of the third issue of The Cross Bronx.

    All the evidence you’d need to call Toth an all-time great artist and illustrator is there in those little…

  2. nellucnhoj:

    Quite possibly the worst comic I have ever created.

    I regret nothing.

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  4. fockybocky:

    Splash page by Jim Osborne from his story in Thrilling Murder Comics #1 (1971).

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  5. fantagraphics:

    "Mystery shrouds source of East Side graffiti tribute to Manuel ‘Spain’ Rodriguez" – The Buffalo News (via Arthur)

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  6. earsplittingtrumpet:


    Squeak the Mouse by Mattioli.

    this is my favorite comic ever (this is only the first chapter, it gets better and better)

  7. pixoholic:

    Hold Softly, Hand of Death! by Gerry Conway and Alex Toth.

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  8. comicsworkbook:

    Charles Burns on the right

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  10. 9emeart:

    Gaston commence la semaine


  11. 9emeart:

    Le marsupilami descend sur la ville, 1955

    Franquin et Will

  12. study-group:

    Take a moment to read the whole of Julia Gfrörer's BLACK IS THE COLOR, now that it's finished in today's triple sized update!

    (via Study Group Comic Books » Black Is the Color – by Julia Gfrörer)

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  14. planetoidsfun:

    À la Caniff!

    I’m going to do this for the next two weeks or so.

    10 strips, 30 panels.

  15. inkydavid:

    "Guest Monster: The Smoker!!" by Alex Toth (1989)

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